One District One Product (ODOP)

Khasi Mandarin

Action Plan for Citrus Rejuvenation under Directorate of Horticulture

  1. Identifying “Hot Spots” where “Speciality Khasi Mandarin” is being cultivated. Sensitize the farmers on its value and take him along through the production process and prepare it for marketing through “Value Addition”.
  2. “Cluster Development Approach” for all the farmers to reach the single goal of fetching more income, name and fame for the precious natural product we produce- the “Khasi Mandarin Products”.
  3. Concentrating on the establishment of nurseries producing quality planting material in all the districts in the state.
  4. Training of the Officer in charge of the nursery, skilled labour engaged in the of budding technique and farmers is important from time to time.
  5. “Rejuvenation of the Old Orange Orchards” and follow the “Citrus rejuvenation Packages in North East India-2006” and the “Orange Production Technology” developed by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umroi road, Barapani, Meghalaya-793103
  6. “Production and distribution of decline free/resistant Khasi mandarin planting materials for the growers to rejuvenate the citrus industry of Meghalaya state”

Nodal officer

Name: John M. Dhar

Designation: Assistant Director of Horticulture, (HQ), East Khasi Hills

Contact: 9774416131


Dedicated team

  1. A. R. Suting, District Horticulture Officer, East Khasi Hills
  2. I. Kharkongor, Assistant Director Horticulture, East Khasi Hills
  3. HandersonChulet, Horticulture Development Officer (HQ), East Khasi Hills
  4. Nathaniel L.Nonghuloo, Horticulture Development Officer (PP), East Khasi Hills

Dedicated Helpline or call center/support desk for ODOP

9774416131, 9436591564

ODOP Product List


Name of Brand


Product List




Squash, Marmalade

Details of departments providing institutional support to beneficiaries availing support under ODOP initiative

Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Meghalaya


Funding Support available

  1. Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture, Central Sector Scheme
  2. Fruit Development Scheme, State Scheme
  3. PMFME, Central Scheme
  4. North Eastern Council, Shillong, Central Schemes