Particulars of organizations, functions and duties

  • The Meghalaya Fundamentals Rules and Subsidiary Rules 1984 was framed by the Government of Meghalaya after Meghalaya Statehood came into existence which pay is debit able to the consolidated Fund of the state.
  • The Meghalaya Civil Services Pensions Rules 1983 which are applicable to Government Servant retiring on superannuation Pension, Voluntary Pension, Invalid Pension, due to incapacitated in Services etc.
  • Government office memorandum No. PER (AR) 154/78/147 dt 11/12/1984 No PER (AR) 154/78/157 dt 30/11/1185 Scheme for employment on compassionate Ground to the next of Kin of Government Servant who dies while in Service.
  • The Assam Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1964 as adapted by the Government of Meghalaya.
  • The Deputy Commissioner’s amalgamated Establisment Rules and as framed by Government.

List of Branches include in the amalgamated Establishment.

  • Establishment Branch
  • Accounts Branch
  • Excise Branch
  • Housing Branch
  • Nazarat Branch
  • Election Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • D.S.C. Issue & Receipt
  • Supply Branch
  • Registration Branch
  • Revenue Branch
  • Political Branch
  • Municipal Branch
  • Arm’s Branch
  • Planning Branch.
  • Development Branch
  • Relief and Rehabilitation Branch
  • Bakijai Branch
  • Civil Defence Branch
  • Government Pleader
  • Stationery & Record
  • Accounts Branch

The Government in Personnel (B) Department is responsible for preparation of Budget Estimates and allotment of Funds in respect of the Staff /Officers Sanction by them in the office of the D.C./ S.D.O. (Civil)

The Commissioner of Division is the Head of Department for Deputy Commissioner’s office and is responsible for inter- District matters, appointing authority for Head Assistant in D.C.’s Offices.

The Deputy Commissioner is the controlling officer of all Branches in D.C.’s office. He has been vested with the power of appointing authority for all appointments of all posts, transfer and postings etc of D.C.’s amalgamated Establishment barring H.A’s Post. He has been vested with such power so as to provide not only a guarantee of Genuineness of the instruments but also a record from which a person who desire to enter into dealing in respect of Staff Services record maybe able to obtain records to such amalgamated establishment. Staff matters.
The organization set up chart under Deputy Commissioner as follows:-

  • Deputy Commissioner,
    For All Branches in D.C.’s Office, Shillong
  • Sub Divisional Officer (Civil)
    Sohra Civil Sub Division, Sohra
  • Block Development Officers
    in East Khasi Hills District
    The working hours of offices of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

    • Summer Timing – 10 AM – 5.00 PM
    • Winter Timings – 10 AM – 4.30 PM

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

Designation:- The Deputy Commissioner East Khasi Hills District, Shillong. Government appoints him. He is empowered to delegate subject as per the restriction and condition prescribed by Rules of his power to any persons appointed by Govt. to assist him in the day today works.

Administrative:- To oversee the functioning of the office as a whole under his control including the duties and responsibilities of Subordinate officers, Staff for public authority and to exercise the power as may be delegated to him by Act /Rules.

Financial:- He has been vested with the power not Sanctioning matters like Leave, Leave encashment etc as may be delegated to him.

Extra Assistant Commissioner:- is appointed by Govt. to assist the Deputy Commissioner, on matters relating to administrative and Financial Power as may be delegated by him.

Staff:- Consisting of Head Assistant, U.D.A, 3 L.D.As, one Typist and 3 Peons. They mostly perform the official works under the supervision of DC/ EAC in the matter pertaining to Establishment works of staff in the office.