The East Khasi Hills District consists of 17  Assembly Constituencies, and all the assembly constituencies fall under 1-Shillong (ST) Parliamentary Constituency.

Assembly Constituency No. Assembly Constituency No. & Name of Parliamentary Constituency Name of Elected MLA Party Name
13 Mawryngkneng (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
14 Pynthorumkhrah (GEN) 1-Shillong (ST)    
15 Mawlai (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
16 East-Shillong (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
17 North-Shillong (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
18 West-Shillong (GEN) 1-Shillong (ST)    
19 South-Shillong (GEN) 1-Shillong (ST)    
20 Mylliem (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
21 Nongthymmai (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
22 Nongkrem (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
23 Sohiong (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
24 Mawphlang (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
25 Mawsynram (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
26 Shella (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
27 Pynursla (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
28 Sohra (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)    
29 Mawkynrew (ST) 1-Shillong (ST)