Trekking – David Scott Trail

The David Scott Trail is one of the oldest trekking routes in the state. It was named after David Scott, the British administrator who was sent to Northeast India during the British Period. During his period, a horse cart trail was laid down across the Khasi hills and jungles from Assam to erstwhile Sylhet, in the present day Bangladesh. This route was used to ferry goods by the British. David Scott Trail stretched a distance of 16 km from Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang and vice versa.

Starting from Mawphlang village, the trail takes a winding route across the hills and valleys while ascending and descending at times. It is an average trek and takes about 4-5 hours to complete depending on individual capacity. The scenery all along the way is awesome. The beauty of the district’s landscape can be seen in hills & valleys. The rolling green hills, the valleys, crystal clear waters in the natural pools and the clean air are part of the thrilling adventure.

While descending from Mawphlang, one can have an exquisite view of the Umiam-Mawphlang river and the valley. The sparkling river sometimes disappear from the sight and then coming to the fore at regular intervals. The trail follows a winding gravelly path with ascents and descents till the hanging bridge over the river Umiam-Mawphlang that flow towards Bangladesh. In some stretches the gravel path are still intact. The original bridge across wah Umiam-Mawphlang was damaged a few years back, However the present suspension bridge was constructed recently. Near Mawphlang there is a resting place called ‘Ka Kor Ka Shonmai’.

There are a few villages on the way, where one can see the simplicity of life. Near Lad Mawphlang there were giant rock formations all around. David Scott trail is one of the favourite tekking route for tourists from the state as well as from outside the state.