NIC District Unit

National Informatics Centre is a premier ICT organization of the Government of India, established in 1976 , for providing e-government/ e-governance solutions adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in Government sector. N.I.C is under Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

N.I.C is set up in each district headquarter with the Office located in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner to extend ICT at the district level. Each District N.I.C Office is under the State N.I.C Office. Since inception, N.I.C East Khasi Hills has been actively involved in different ICT endeavour.

N.I.C is extending support in implementation of MIS for different Central Government Schemes at the district level and the Block Level. Applications on Payroll, M.L.A. Schemes, Ration Card Management System, Registration of land Documents are implemented in DC’s office. Public Facilitation Centre (PFC) which is integrated with E-Services is catering to the services for issuing different Certificates.

N.I.C Infrastructure

  • NICNet (NICNetwork) is the network backbone of N.I.C which connects the N.I.C headquarters, all the State Units and the District Units. The district unit is connected with a 34 MBPS Leased Line. In DC’s Office a structured LAN is established in all the rooms except few which are yet to be covered. Connectivity is available 24×7 for all the users in DC’s Office building.
  • Video Conferencing Studio : N.I.C at the District Office are equipped with Video Conferencing set up via a 34 MBPS Leased Line. The district Administration is using the facility for various video conferencing meeting

The following are the Applications implemented in DC’s Office


N.I.C East Khasi Hills District is involved in automation of different areas of working in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Shillong. E-Services which includes Issuing of Certificates / Permission to genuine applicants is available both in Online & Offline mode. Services for the following is currently functional

  • Caste Certificate
  • Permanent Residential Certificate
  • Armed Para Military Forces Certificate
  • Residential Certificate
  • Senior Citizen Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Permission to hold special Events

Public Facilitation Centre which is integrated with e-Services application is also functioning as single window delivery system in the Office.

Registration of Land Documents:

Land Registration computerization had been implemented on live mode with effect from May 2010, and data entry of backlog data was completed. The System has been designed to provide user friendly interface. The documents that fall under the purview of the Registration Act 1908 can be divided into two categories:

  • Compulsory registration documents.
  • Optional registration documents.

Following is the list of documents or deeds that falls under the Compulsory Registration category and which are governed under this Land Registration software:

  • Sale Deed
  • Gift Deed
  • Declaration Deed
  • Trust Deed
  • Lease Deed
  • Rent Agreement
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Will Relinquishment
  • Revocation
  • Cancellation
  • Mortgage Deed
  • Hypothecation Deed
  • Adoption Deed
  • Partnership Deed
  • Agreement of Sale.

And Optional Registration documents are those in which registration is not necessary. They are:

  • Instruments other than gifts and wills which relate to immovable property of value less than Rs. 100
  • Leases of immovable property for a term less than 1 year
  • Instruments other than will which relate to movable properties

Public Distribution Systems (P.D.S.)

Currently, all the Ration Card details are available in the public domain.

As per Honorable Supreme Court directive to adopt a single unified information system on End to end computerization of P.D.S. systems, efforts have been made to streamline the strategy. The whole process is broadly classified into two Components.

  • Automation of P.D.S. Supply Chain
  • Digitization of beneficiary database.

In order to ensure timely implementation of the Project, various masters like Stakeholder Master, Office Master, F.P.S. Master, Depot Master, Card Type master, caste category master etc. were digitised using the centralised software hosted in Delhi. Detail Mapping of each F.P.S. dealers to a specific Wholesaler along with the Ration Card count was completed.

District Selection Committee (D.S.C)

DSC conducted Examination for variety of post under specific categories.  All the applications were received online. The outcome was encouraging and very helpful to the User Department, where no offline applications were entertained. In order to facilitate payment of Examination Fee, online mode was used. The applicant login in the DSC application & applied for the post where link was provided for payment of examination Fee. Three Payment options were given to candidate viz. Internet Banking, Card Payment & Cash Payment at any SBI Bank Branch.

A help desk was set up at NIC Centre and DSC centre to facilitate candidates on various online related issues. It was found that the student community & job seekers are conversant with the online applications.

Computerization M.L.A. & M.P. Schemes

All the M.L.A. Schemes within the district are compiled using SMIS application. Different works/ projects under the following categories of schemes are compiled year wise

  • SRWP
  • IA&CDP
  • DTFM
  • CRRP

Release Order is generated using the application. The list of schemes are displayed in the web site.

National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) Scheme

Regular assistance is provided to the Block Development Office in implementing the MIS on National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP). Necessary trainings are imparted to the Block staff dealing with operations of Legacy and fresh Data on IGNOAPS, IGNDPS & IGNWPS.


NIC plays a vital role during conduct of Elections, application on polling personnel was used, generation of ID cards for various oficials, management of hardware, LAN  & connectivity in the office & in the counting halls.

Land Records Computerisation

A Pilot project on Mutation process was initiated in East Khasi Hills Distric on January 2016 & eventually implemented. The Office of the Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) maintains the land records data, while the spatial data i.e. maps etc are taken care by the Department of Land Records (survey).

Mutation type are as follows:-

  1. Sale
  2. Inheritance
  3. Deletion
  4. Inclusion
  5. Inclusion and Deletion