Relief and Rehabilitation

Relief and Rehabilitation Branch is one of the Administrative Organisation in the administrative set up of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. The function of the Branch is under the Superintendence of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

Natural Calamities, Disaster Management for extending relief to the victims in the District, both for the Urban and Rural area.

The strength of the Relief and Rehabilitation Branch is as follows:

  1. Deputy Commissioner
  2. Additional Deputy Commissioner
  3. Extra Assistant Commissioner
  4. Ministerial staff.

The Assistant District Project Officer, deals with the UNDP sponsored Project, that is, the Disaster Risk Management Programme.

Function: The Branch sees to the paper work and process the reports submitted by the Block Development Officer concerned in East Khasi Hills District and from the individual, such as Natural Calamity and Disaster Management Plan. The Branch scrutinize the report received and make immediate payment and relief where fund is readily available and further submit the Report to the State Government in Revenue Department, Political Department to accord sanction for payment to the victims.

The process of decision making start with the matter being put up by the Assistants of the Branch to the next higher authority. The Controlling officer who is the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, takes the final decision. Procedurally, the process of decision starts with the perusal of dak by the Deputy Commissioner and his endorsement therein. The case is proceed further by the staff of the branch and putting it up hierarchically to the higher authority for final orders.

All the relief programmes implemented are strictly on the recommendation of the Block Development Officers and Magisterial Enquiry and such relief is governed by its guidelines framed by the State Government.