Registration Branch is one of the Branches in the Administrative set up of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Shillong, and its organization is headed by the Deputy Commissioner East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

Organisation, functions and duties:

The Registration branch receives documents for registration and applications for registration of marriage. The branch also receives daks from the receipt branch which are put up in files by the U.D.A. and routes the files to the District Registrar through the Sub Registrar. This branch also issues NON ENCUMBRANCE Certificates to applicants.

Documents that can be registered are :

  1. Sale Deed.
  2. Gift Deed.
  3. Declaration Deed.
  4. Trust Deed.
  5. Lease Deed.
  6. Rent Agreement.
  7. General Power of Attorney.
  8. Special Power of Attorney.
  9. Will.
  10. Relinquishment.
  11. Revocation.
  12. Cancellation.
  13. Mortgage Deed.
  14. Hypothecation Deed.
  15. Adoption Deed.
  16. Partnership Deed.
  17. Agreement for Sale.

Registration of Marriages – Certificates of Marriage are issued to couples whose marriage have been solemnised by the Marriage Officer of the District Court in presence of 3 (three) witnesses.

Officers and Staffs.

  1. District Registrar
  2. Sub-Registrar
  3. U.D. Assistant
  4. L.D. Assistant
  5. Record Keeper
  6. Copyists
  7. Peons
  • The process of decision making starts with a matter being put up by the assistant to the Sub Registrar and the final decision is taken by the District Registrar, although under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner.
  • Calculation of stamp duty and Registration Fees are done as per provisions contained in the Indian Stamp (Meghalaya Amendment) Act, 1993 and Registration Act, 1908. 
  • Registration of Documents are also done keeping in view the Provisions contained in the Meghalaya Transfer of Land (Regulation) Act, 1971 and Benami Transaction (Prohibition)Act 1980.

For registration of Sale Deeds and Gift Deeds, both the vendor and vendee are required to present themselves along with two witnesses and another responsible person further to identify them should also be present at the time of presentation of documents. For other documents the Executant or the Testator has to be present along with two witnesses and some other responsible person to identify them.

Confirmation Certificate from the concerned Head Man / Rangbah Shnong is insisted upon at all times.

What documents are required for Registration of Marriage :

  • Notice of Intended marriage duly filled up and signed by both the bride-groom and the ride.
  • Proof of residence (Voter I-Card/ Ration Card).
  • Proof of age (10th Class certificate, Date of birth certificate).
  • Marriage invitation if available.
  • Original copy of divorce decree/order in case of a divorcee and death certificate of spouse in case of widow/widower.
  • In case applicant is a foreign national, a No Objection Certificate in original from the concerned High Commission to be submitted along with the application form. A bachelor/spinster certificate, visa, passport.