Political Branch is one the Administrative Organisation in the administrative set up of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. The main function of Political Branch are as follows.

  1. Issuance of PRC/ ST/ SC /and Domicile Certificate pertaining to the various purpose and uses like further studies, employment etc.
  2. For preparation and arrangement of celebrations viz:
    • Republic Day Celebration.
    • Independence Day Celebration.
  3. Appointment & Renewal of S.A.S.
  4. Verification of Service Appointment of State and Central including I.A.S./ M.C.S. etc.
  5. Issuing financial Certificate on Employment on Compassionate ground.
  6. Renewal of Permit (Passport)
  7. Renewal of Mining Lease.

Particulars of organizations, functions and duties

The issuance of PRC in respect of admission for Higher Education Institution like Engineering College, Medical College etc. and training in Diploma Course. It is also necessary for a candidate to produce such Certificate is respect of seat, stipend, scholarship, diploma reserved for SC/ST as contained in the Government’s letter No. Pol.97/74/Pt –II/11 dated 11.9.1981 and circular No. Pol 97/74/174 dated Shillong 10th June 1983

A candidate or an applicant who is entitled to apply for PRC should be a resident of a District within the State continuously there in for a period of not less than 12 years either in his own house or in a rented house and has decided to stay permanently in that District. Merely having landed property or a house in the District will not entitle a person to PRC.

The Applicant should furnish all relevant documents as required in the prescribed application form namely:

  1. Registered Birth Certificate.
  2. Schooling Certificate from Nursery to Class XII .
  3. Headman Certificate.
  4. House owner Certificate in case of residential.
  5. EPIC/ Service ID of parents.

These applications including documents are thoroughly checked and are being sent to the Police Department (SP. East Khasi Hills District) for verification and report on their authentication etc. After receipt of the Police verification, the applicant’s statement is then recorded by the Magistrate and the case is processed through the ministerial Staff, Branch Officer/ ADC/DC subject to approval of D.C. certificate is issued.

With regards to issuing of domicile Certificate, the same procedure is followed and Government instructions contained in letter No. Pol 97/74/319 are strictly adhered to. The applicant has to furnish all relevant documents as required in the Prescribe form such as:

  1. Registered Birth Certificate.
  2. School Certificate.
  3. Head man Certificate.
  4. House Owner Certificate.
  5. E.P.I.C/ Service ID of parent.
  6. Affidavit, etc.

In regard for SC/ST the applicant should furnish the following certificates in support of their claims:

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. School Certificate.
  3. Head man Certificate.
  4. EPIC
  5. Two Passport Size Photo.
  6. Police Verification/ organization
  7. ST certificate of parents.
  8. The list as inserted in the SD/ST order Commanment Act, 1976. No 108 of 1976.

Issuance of ST Certificates for half-tribals, where mother is a tribal and father non-tibal or vice-versa, apart from other required documents to be furnished, one of the most important criteria is for the applicant to be well-conversant in the local dialect, apart from knowing how to read and write the language.

The Branch is also responsible in the Preparations and arrangement of Celebrations viz:

  1. Republic Day Celebration.
  2. Independence Day Celebration.
  3. Requisitioning of vehicles.

The District administration is overall in-charge in the Preparation of Pandal, function, seating arrangement, light arrangement, arrangement of Participants, Invitees, Refreshment etc.

The appointment and Renewal of SAS, Verification of Service, appointment, renewal of permit (passport). Renewal of Mining, Lease are subject to Police verification and Report before issuance and Renewal.

Issuance of financial Certificate for employment on Compassionate ground is on the basis of re statement of the applicant recorded by a Magistrate and enquiry conducted thereafter.

Organization Structure

Political Branch Organization Structure