The Nazarat Branch is one of the organization in the administrative set up of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

The Meghalaya Delegation of Financial Power Rules is enforced to provide and vested with the financial power of the Deputy Commissioner to execute and exercise the financial power on matter concerning with the sanction of contingencies bill and pay bill for public authorities.

The Deputy Commissioner who also functions as sanctioning authority on financial matters concerning his office and also the Extra Assistant Commissioner of Nazarat Branch who also function as D.D.O. are responsible for examining all documents containing Account matters and they are to satisfy themselves all required account papers, etc as envisaged under the Meghalaya Financial Power Rules.

The Deputy Commissioner who also functioned as the Head of the Office has been vested with power of sanctioning authority of a controlling officer of all financial matters and to provide a guarantee of genuineness of the records/instruments and also a record to enter into recognition by the Government for Public Authority.

Officers and Staffs.

  1. Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.
  2. ADC/EAC  and Disbursing and Drawing Officer.
  3. Nazir, i/c Nazarat Branch
  4. Assistant Nazir
  5. Process Servers including Head Process Server.

The Deputy Commissioner being the Head of Controlling Officer have been vested with the power of Administration and Financial power as appointed by the Government. To oversee the functioning of the office under his control and to exercise his power as may be delegated and appointed by the Government.

The Deputy Commissioner have been vested with the power of sanctioning authority in his office as delegated under the Meghalaya Delegation of Financial Power Rules.

The ADC/EAC  Nazarat Branch has been authorized by the Deputy Commissioner to act as Drawing and Disbursing Officer on mater concerning with account works. The Nazir has been authorized to incharge over the Nazarat Branch, maintenance of Cash Books and disbursing payment to various bills and etc. To assist the Nazir in various works concerning over the maintenance of office and Circuit House. The duties of process servers is to serve the notices/services/letters etc inside and outside Shillong.

The Nazarat Branch is dealing with bills containing Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills, Municipal Tax and Contingencies Bills including maintenance of office building, office vehicle and Circuit House.