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Functions of the Supply Branch

Particulars of organisation, functions and duties

The objectives/purpose of the Public Authority of Deputy Commissioner (Supply) East Khasi Hills, Shillong is to ensure that Schemes connected with the distribution of Subsidized Commodities like TPDS, Annapurna, AAY for SC/ST Hostels, S.K.Oil etc are effectively implemented for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the District. Moreover, Commodities in the open market were also thoroughly monitored on daily basis with regard to their stock, prices etc.

The Public Authorities might at all times make every efforts to prevent any unscrupulous Malpractice trades so as to avoid any undue exploitation to the beneficiaries of the District. With this aim in view, the public authority of the Commodities is running regular and timely allotment, lifting meant for the District. Inspection and raids were also conducted if situation warrants. The returns like availability of stock of Essential Commodities, their prices were monitored on daily basis and reports are sent to the Public Authority on daily/weekly/monthly and quarterly basis. Commodities under TPDS were timely lifted and the same are distributed by Public Consumers though Fair price Shop at subsidized price fixed by Government. The details as at present are as follows: -

Commodity Scale’s of issue Per family per month Prices
1 2 3
APL Rice 3 Kg 600gms per head Rs.9.25 to 9.30/- per kg
BPL Rice 35 Kg per BPL family Rs.6.60-6.65 per kg
AAY Rice 35 Kg per AAY family Rs.3.00 per kg
Annapurna 10 Kg per beneficiaries per Kg Free of Cost
Levy Sugar 3 kg per card Rs.20/-
S.K.Oil 7 litres per Urban family per month and scale may be determined by the Local Durbar or Vigilance committee in consultation with respective S.K oil retailers Rs.9/- to Rs.10/- per litre
SC/ST/Hostels & Welfare Institution 5.840 Kgs per head per month for SC/ST Hostels and Vocational Training. Rs.6.15 per kg
Whole Meal Atta 1 Kg 123gms per head Rs.8.00 per kg

The Organizational Structure of the Branch is as follows:

Organizational Structure of the Supply Branch

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The Public Authority are also expecting the Public may submit representation or by report to the Public Authority any case of malpractice/irregularity indulge by traders/agencies if any under any schemes or in the open market so that action could be taken by the Public Authority to avoid any undue hardship to the Public. All important matters regarding Public attention are publicise through Public Notice/Press/Public announcement of DIPR

Chapter –3 (Manual-2)
Powers and duties of Officers and Employees

Details of powers of the Officers and Staffs of the office of the Deputy Commissioner (Supply), East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

Designation Administrative Financial Other Duties
Deputy Commissioner Power to appointment non Gazetted staff as recommended by the D.S.C.Power to appoint Drivers and Grade IV staff. As per DFP Rules of the Govt. To take decision on any matter for smooth functioning of the Branch. Exercise over all control of the Branch and offer guidance in all administrative and financial works of the Branch.
Joint Director of Supply To assist the Deputy Commissioner To assist the D.C. and he is the DDO of the Branch Supervision and guidance to junior officer and staff To assist the D.C. in all administrative and financial works of the Branch
Superintendent of Supply To assist the J.D.S. No power Assist the J.D.S. Assist the J.D.S.
Inspector of Supply To assist the J.D.S. and S.S. No power To assist the J.D.S. and S.S. To assist the J.D.S. and S.S.
Sub-Inspector of Supply No power No power Nil To deal with allotted subject. To Assist the Inspector of Supply while conducting Raids/inspection and lifting of commodities from FCI Depot
Superintendent of Account Nil Nil Nil Supervision of all account matter including audit etc.
Accountant Nil Nil Nil Maintain of Cash Book, handling of Cash, preparation of Office Bills etc.
Accountant Assistant Nil Nil Nil To Assist the Superintendent of Account and Accountant.
Supervisory Assistant Nil Nil Nil To deal with allotted subject.
U.D.A. Nil Nil Nil To deal with allotted subject.
L.D.A. Nil Nil Nil To deal with allotted subject, receipt of daks, maintain of doing register, issue etc.
L.D.A. Cum Typist Nil Nil Nil Typing works
Peon Nil Nil Nil Dealing of daks and other duties by the office.
Chowkider Nil Nil Nil Dealing for open, closing and watching the office.
Cleaner Nil Nil Nil Cleaning etc. for maintaining of cleanliness in the office.