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Functions of the Planning Branch

As per rules of Executive Business of the Government of Meghalaya, the role and functions of the District Planning Organisation are reproduced below:

The District Planning Organization in East Khasi Hills District, is one of the District Unit of the State Planning. The Organization is headed by the District Planning Officer who functions under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner. The District Planning Officer is drawn from the Indian Administrative Services/ State Civil Services and is assisted by one Research Officer, one Assistant Research Officer and two Research Assistants.

The subject matter dealt with by the Branch is received first as Dak from the receipt section where it arrives at the desk of the Research Officer who will distributes the correspondence to the concerned dealing assistant. The Dealing Assistant then put up in the file to Research Officer. The Research Officer put up all correspondence to the District Planning Officer and the Deputy Commissioner.

Organisatonal chart of the Planning Branch

Functions and Duties

  1. Preparation of the District Annual Plan – Plan schemes are submitted by the District Development Offices during the month of June – July every year. The schemes are compiled and computerized before placing in the District Planning & Development Council for approval.
  2. The District Planning and Development Council – The District Planning and Development Council has also been set up in this district with a Cabinet Minister from the District as Chairman, the Deputy Commissioner of the District and the Chief Executive Member as Co – Vice Chairman and with there M.L.A's and three M.D.C's from the district as members. The District Planning Officer is a Member Secretary of the Council. The District Planning Officer as member Secretary of the Council convenes the meeting of the District Planning & Development Council on the advice of the Chairman of the District Planning & Development Council. The scheme submitted by the District Development Offices, which are compiled and computerized and placed before the District Planning & Development Council for scrutiny and approval of the schemes. The council should generally meet once in 3(three) months. The approval schemes are sent to Planning Department for inclusion in the State Budget.

The main functions of D. P. & D. C are

  1. To take stock of the human and natural resources of the District as well as the level and pattern of development and exploitation of these resources
  2. Projection of locals needs and aspiration and translating them into schemes and programmes and fixing priorities within the objectives of the state national plan.
  3. Formulation of district development plans, Coordination in the implementation of the District plans and programmes. Monitoring and review of the implementation of the district plans and programmes.

The headquarter of the council shall be at Shillong.