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Functions of the Election Branch

Election Branch is one of the Administrative organizations in the administrative Set up of the D.C’s Office. The functioning of the Branch is more of a regulatory, and statutorily body. It functions under the superintendence, directions and control of the Deputy Commissioner (Election)/District Election Officer.

The Election Department has notified the following as Public Authorities under its Administrative control, namely

(a) The Department of Elections, and
(b) Deputy Commissioners (Elections) in all the seven Districts of the State within their respective jurisdiction.

The objective of having a separate handbook for the Public Authority of the Election Branch is to facilitate the users, to have a snap shot on the functions and the role of the Branch and also its responsibilities as well as the duties of the general public in matters concerning with

  1. Preparation of Electoral Rolls.
  2. The Conduct of Elections, which are primarily the duties and functions of Election Branch.
  3. Implementation of Electors Photo Identity Card Scheme.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner (Election), i/c Election who is the notified public information officer of the Branch may be contacted for more information on the Election Branch.

Manual NO. (1)

Particulars of organisation, functions and duties:-- Election Branch is listed as one of the Administrative Branch under the D.C’s Establishment. Conducting free and fair Elections and error free Electoral Rolls continues to remain the primary and priority areas of the Branch. Public are periodically informed of the programmes of the revision of Electoral Rolls through press release, advertisements with which the public are called upon to

(1) Claim for the inclusion of a name in the roll and
(2) Object to an entry therein, which is subject to eligibility as laid down in the Law
(3) Correction of particulars

Organisational Chart of the Election Branch

The names Designations and other particulars of the Public Authorities, Public Information Officers, Assistant Public Information Officers, are as below :-

Organizations Public Authority Assistant Public Information Officers Public Information Officers Appellate Authority
1 2 3 4 5
State Headquarter
District and Sub-Divisional level offices of Election Department
East Khasi Hills District Deputy Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District Extra Assistant Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District Additional Deputy Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District Deputy Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District
Sohra Sub-Division Deputy Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District Extra Assistant Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District Sub-Divisional Officer (Election) Deputy Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District

Election Branch
(I) Delimitation
1. Preparation and compilation of Statistical data of population figure
2. Preparation of Maps

(II) Election Machinery
1. Establishment matters-Appointment of staff for revision of Electoral Rolls-Supervisors and Enumerators

(III)Electoral Rolls:
1. Preparation and revision of electoral rolls.
2. Electoral rolls for Service voters and Special voters
3. Compilation of statistics of Voters.
4. Schemes of photographed identity cards.

(IV) Conduct of Elections
1. Preparation of the list of Polling stations
2. Parliamentary and Assembly General Elections
3. Purchase of materials for conduct of elections
4. Indent of Stationeries and papers.
5. Requisition of vehicles
6. Polling personnel –Appointment thereof
7. Law and order arrangements.
8. Printing of Ballot Papers.
9. Counting of Votes and Declaration of results.
10. Election Expenses
11. Maintenance of list of disqualified persons.
12. Electronic Voting Machines-use of.

(V) Accounts.
1. Budget estimates including submission of estimates to the Government of Meghalaya for re imbursement of Election expenditure.
2. Maintenance of accounts –encashment of bills and disbursement of cash.
3. Miscellaneous accounts works.

The Election Branch normally confines itself to general election related works as and when directed by the State Election Department.